Isle of Wight Deer Survey update(2)

An emerging picture

When we launched the Isle of Wight Deer Survey in 2015 we embarked on a voyage of discovery to learn more about the deer living in the wild on the island. Following on from what we learnt last year (see update 1) we have been pleased by the interest shown by the general public and have received some very good detailed responses and occasionally photographs as well.

Species present

Red and Roe, Fallow and Muntjac have all been seen on the island in recent years whilst Sika and Chinese Water Deer appear to be absent.
Sika are frequently seen along the western shores on the mainland side of the Solent, including Hurst Spit just a mile off our own shores. It was this species that colonised the Arne Peninsular after swimming across Poole Harbour from Brownsea Island.
Chinese Water deer have been seen in both the New Forest and near to Chichester on the mainland but unlike other deer species they are not keen swimmers.

Where they may be found

Wild deer continue to be seen dispersed across the island, both singly and in groups with immature and mature animals having been observed. Although not numerous Red and Muntjac deer are the species most often encountered.

Environmental impacts

Deer at modest densities are known to be  beneficial to the environment and increase biological diversity,  our survey has received no details of any adverse deer impacts on the island.

The survey

IW Deer Conservation would like to express their gratitude to all those that have chosen to participate in the survey so far. To help us to build up as comprehensive a picture as possible about the island’s deer further participation in the Isle of Wight Deer Survey from individuals, businesses and other organisations is most welcome.

For periodic updates please email, thank you for your interest and support

External links that you may find interesting:-
Background information on the island’s deer – Isle of Wight Deer
Photos of deer on the island – Isle of Wight Deer Album

Red deer yearling


3 thoughts on “Isle of Wight Deer Survey update(2)

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your interest.
      Due to the extreme hostility by some public authorities to the presence of any wild deer on the island specific locations are not yet something that we would feel comfortable with disclosing.
      It is however definitely something that we will consider for the future as you are not the first person to ask and we know that others who enjoy seeing wild deer would like to know the best places to look.

      atb Tim on behalf of IW Deer Conservation


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