Isle of Wight Deer Survey

Red Deer in Woodland

The Isle of Wight Deer Survey

Wild deer are part of the Isle of Wight’s rich natural heritage, historically they are important as our special woodlands evolved in their presence. Areas such as Parkhurst and Borthwood were preserved for hunting by the nobility, without which these woods may have been cleared for agriculture. Isle of Wight Deer Conservation wishes to extend their knowledge of deer in the wild on the island in the modern era, so that we may record this for the benefit of present day and future generations of islanders.

If you have seen some wild deer on the island it would greatly assist us if you could take our short deer survey, don’t worry if you don’t know all the details, all too often all that will have been seen is a fleeting glimpse of a startled deer, viewed by an equally surprised observer!

Sika Deer

Take the Isle of Wight Deer Survey here:- Isle of Wight Deer Survey

If you support the aims and principles of Isle of Wight Deer Conservation and would enjoy periodic updates about wild deer on the island please email us at and leave your name and contact details.

Thank you for your support

For greater details of wild deer within the UK please visit the British Deer Society website – BDS


10 thoughts on “Isle of Wight Deer Survey

    1. Hi Joshua,
      Thank you for your interest in the island’s wild deer. In common with those on the mainland our wild deer can be very shy and secretive and are highly mobile, in fact they can occur almost anywhere. Be vigilant, if you do see some deer tracks or droppings, or better still some deer, please let us know via the deer survey links.
      Best wishes,
      Isle of Wight Deer conservation


      1. so is there any chance of them being wild in parkhurst or firestone corpse or america woods or borthwood corpse


      2. It is well worth looking there, look out for the odd bit of deer browsing as well, it has quite a distinctive cut & tear due to the lack of upper incisors. Good luck with your search.


      3. Hi Joshua,
        No, what you may more likely see is the result of where the deer have eaten some leaves or herbage (browsing). To actually see some deer, particularly when they are at low density, requires a mixture of skill and luck, more usually the deer will see you long before you have spotted them and they will depart before you become aware that they are there! If you do find any evidence of deer (tracks,browsing,pellets, hair etc.) it would be really useful to take some photos and let us know what you have seen.
        Best wishes,
        IW Deer Conservation


      4. so has anyone actually seen deer on the isle of wight. How do we know there are wild deer currently on the isle of wight


      5. Hi Joshua,
        You may find it helpful if you were to join the British Deer Society and take part in their training courses, the skills that can be learnt on these can greatly enhance your ability to locate and enjoy the presence of deer.
        Best wishes,
        IW Deer Conservation


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