Isle of Wight Deer Survey-Early Responses by Isle of Wight deer Conservation

Red deer on farmland Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Deer Survey – Early responses

Subsequent to the establishment of IW Deer Conservation in 2015 we sought to engage with the general public, local businesses, other conservation groups and public sector organisations to discover more about deer in the wild on the island, which species are present and what impacts that they may be having.

Early responses gave an interesting insight regarding our island’s deer.

There have been sightings of both the native species, Red and Roe, and introduced Fallow and Muntjac have also been seen. There have been no reports of either Sika or Chinese Water Deer. Although non-native it should be noted that Fallow appear to have been present here from shortly after the Norman conquest until at least the end of the 18th century and may also have been present during the Roman occupation.

Deer have been seen both singly and in family groups with young.

Some respondents have only seen deer on one occasion whilst others have seen them more often, over a period stretching back from the present day  to the mid-1990’s.

Isle of Wight Deer Survey-please use the link below to participate

Some public authorities are reported as describing any deer seen on the island as “deer farm escapees”, irrespective of where the deer came from,  even for deer species that have never been farmed nor kept in captivity on the island. However a FOI request revealed that they had no evidence to prove the captive origin of any deer at large on the island.

No person or organisation has reported any adverse impacts from deer to the natural environment or their business on the island.

IW Deer Conservation would like to express their gratitude to all those that have chosen to participate in the survey so far.

Please help us to build up as comprehensive a picture as possible about the island’s deer, further participation in the Isle of Wight Deer Survey from individuals, businesses and other organisations is most welcome.

For periodic updates please email, thank you for your interest and support


Red deer calf in woodland

Red deer calf in an Isle of Wight woodland

External links that you may find interesting:-

The British Deer Society – BDS

Photos of deer on the island – Isle of Wight Deer Album

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